Wombat’s Story

Wombats Story
A history of music

In 1968 Wom’s dad Franz bought himself a guitar and started to learn how to play. To his dad’s dismay, upon coming home from work, he caught the young Wombat playing his guitar.
Thereafter dad stopped and Wom began in earnest to explore his new instrument. Thus began a life long passion and Wom joined his first band at age 17 in 1976. Wom played in halls in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne and by 1980 had formed Knot Deer, a fairly noisy Rock Blues outfit that got a regular amount of work all over Melbourne.
Wombat contenplating life in the bush
Wombat with SAS Then in 1981 a friend introduced him to the Dutchman, Godfather of Australian Blues who actually, to Wom’s surprise, let him play the odd set with him at the Windsor Castle. This led to playing in various Blues bands that came out of the melting pot that Dutch Tilders had created, as well as more gigs with Dutch. It was a very busy and inspiring time for Wom as now he had got the blues, although rock was still there. Through to 1986 Wom worked for a lot of Australian and Overseas Artists, in many capacities; from staging to production and performance acts : Stevie Nicks, ZZ Top, Dire Straits, Midnight Oil, Swanee, even Princess Diana and Prince Charles.

Wom maintained his blues roots, 

With shows all over Victoria, including Broadford Festival (Hells Angels) and all the blues venues rocking at the time.

1986-1987 Wom’s girlfriend and lead singer Jenzo fell pregnant and Wom disappeared and moved to the bush, on the Far South Coast of NSW to have a family, but not playing didn’t last long.

The local music scene beckoned Wom and he worked in local bands: Party Lines, Free Riders and finally formed Stopping All Stations with his now wife Jenzo. 

These bands were Country Rock, Rock and of course Blues. What else can you do when you grow up with influences like Eric Clapton, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Chain and of course the Dutchman?

In 2005-2006 Dutch Tilders started doing the odd show in Wombat’s area of NSW.

Wombat on the road with some of the biggest names in the Australian music scene

 So along went Wom and to everyone’s surprise Dutch’s first words at the show, after “How the hell are you Wom?”
“Did you bring your axe (guitar)?”.

Wom did Wyndham Hotel and the Nimmitabel Blues Festival 2008 with Dutch. At the same time Wom was turning 50 and was forced by his friends to have a party, which happened in the idyllic country locale of Rocky Hall, where many bands turned up and provided 14 hours of high class music to the joy of all who attended. One of the bands was Stormfront, a three piece blues outfit from Merimbula and Wom was invited to have a play. It really cooked!  A couple of months later Steve Knight (vocalist/front man) and Adam Sandona (bass) rang Wom and asked him to join the band (which also included Athan Tsogas on drums) as they had done some shows and decided that three piece wasn’t right and Wom was missing.  Wombat and Dutch Tilders playing live

Wom had had many offers to join other bands since 2000, but this one he couldn’t refuse
as there was some sort of magic going on when the four got together.

Also Wom’s boys had grown up and said to Wom ‘you go for it dad, theres nothing holding you back’. Thus Stormfront became officially a four piece, hitting the road doing their brand of Texas Blues and Blues Rock as well as their original material of Blues. Plus of course, Wombat was back from the wilderness…Wom had found his stride and went on to forge a successful solo career which has seen him travel to locations all over Australia as well as internationally.

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Wombat and Dutch Tilders doing a show together

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